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Tree Pruning vs. Trimming - the Differences Explained

Tree Pruning vs. Trimming - the Differences Explained

Got questions? Our team in Troy, ME has answers.

Tree pruning and trimming both involve removing limbs. Pruning trees can improve their health, while trimming trees is done for infrastructure and point of view clearance, safety and aesthetics. Wondering which service you should schedule? The team at Arboriculture Unlimited LLC in Troy, ME can help. You can count on us for honest advice and reliable work.

Look into tree pruning if you want to...

  • Protect a tree from pests and disease
  • Encourage best branch structure
  • Boost flower or fruit production

Look into tree trimming if you want to...

  • Maintain the canopy shape
  • Thin out an overgrown tree
  • Provide clearance from structures and power lines

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High-risk trees aren't always obvious

Luckily, our tree trimming specialists in Troy, ME can identify hazardous trees at a glance. Call 207-465-6205 now to schedule an evaluation. We can then recommend long-term tree management solutions that fit your budget.