Plant Health Care

Proper Care Can Prolong Your Tree's Life

Learn about the plant health care solutions we offer Troy, ME area residents

Some of Maine's native trees have been known to live for centuries, including the eastern white pine. Although trees can flourish on their own, you might want to look into plant health care options for young or stressed trees on your property.

Arboriculture Unlimited LLC provides long-term solutions to help Troy, ME area property owners care for their trees. Depending on your tree's needs, we might recommend...

  • Cabling or bracing to support the crown structure
  • Pest control applications to fight off an infestation
  • Soil amendment applications to improve the growing environment

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Central and Mid-Coast Maine is suffering from a population spike of Browntail Moth, an insect that has been here for a long time but only in recent years has the state seen the numbers and affliction grow to such a problem. The toxic hairs of the caterpillars which are active April to July produce a rash similar to poison ivy. Arboriculture Unlimited practices the only non-chemical physical control method for this pest. When the leaves drop in the fall the nests of immature caterpillars become easily recognizable. We are currently scheduling sales appointments to price the pruning of the nests from the tree tops. We accomplish this by climbing the trees and using specialized pruning tools to clip them out, the nests are collected by the team and burnt that day in a large wood stove. Please contact us today to schedule a sales appointment for November or December when we can give you an accurate estimate."
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