Plant Health Care

Proper Care Can Prolong Your Tree's Life

Learn about the plant health care solutions we offer Troy, ME area residents

Some of Maine's native trees have been known to live for centuries, including the eastern white pine. Although trees can flourish on their own, you might want to look into plant health care options for young or stressed trees on your property.

Arboriculture Unlimited LLC provides long-term solutions to help Troy, ME area property owners care for their trees. Depending on your tree's needs, we might recommend...

  • Cabling or bracing to support the crown structure
  • Pest control applications to fight off an infestation
  • Soil amendment applications to improve the growing environment

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Beware of caterpillars in your trees

One of the most dangerous invasive species in the Troy, ME area is the poisonous browntail moth caterpillar, which feeds on trees and sheds toxic hairs. If your trees are infested with this pest, we can remove the nest when the caterpillars are dormant. We can then add soil amendments to support your tree's recovery.

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